Now you’re in the best shape of your life the fun can really begin. As you’re about to find out long lasting transformation comes in 3 stages. You have completed the first stage. This is the external part. In order for true, long lasting transformation to take place there needs to be an identity shift. This takes patience and a different set of tools. If you want to become the hero in your own story follow the link and let’s create true, long lasting transformation for you. I hope you’re ready!







The past year training with Tom has completely changed my approach to health and fitness. He has taught me the fundamentals of building and maintaining my physique and has shown me the proper way to eat with no bs, no fad diet and no boring restrictions. His approach to both training and diet is so SIMPLE!!! And the simplicity is why it works and why it’s easy to maintain.

I was so frustrated for years, training at the gym without focus and feeling stressed not knowing whether I was eating to much or too little. Working with Tom took all of the guess work out of it and allowed me to completely focus on my goals.

 I got so excited that I was finally on the right path.

My whole life I’ve had body image issues and was quite self conscious as a result. For the first time I’m actually proud of what I see in the mirror. My workouts have become a non negotiable part of my weekly schedule and I actually look forward to them.

I recommend the TLF program to anyone who is motivated to improve their health and fitness but feels like they lack direction. And anyone who is ready to put in the work and be consistent even when it gets tough.

Signing up to TLF is honestly the best investment I’ve ever made in myself. Can’t recommend highly enough.

Before the programme I was lacking motivation and a clear focus for my health and wellness. Eating what I wanted and whilst I was training, it was with no excitement or constructive plan.

After the programme I had regained a joy for my fitness and the control and understanding I gained in regards to my nutrition meant I was able to make the improvements in my fitness whilst still feeling I had freedom to eat what I wanted. My biggest win was my drops in body fat! I lost over 8% of Body Fat and I also achieved huge gains in self control in regards to snacking. Something that was motivated by the desire to improve

I would recommend Tom’s plan to people who are committed to making changes in their lifestyle and in their health. It is not an easy plan to just keep you busy: it requires dedication and lots of hard work. But it is made incredibly simple by Tom’s guidance and support! You don’t need to be in expert in fitness but you do need to mentally and physically give it your all so only come on board if you are willing to put the work, because if you do. The results will be incredible!

So I’ve always struggled with putting on size. I’ve always been on the skinny size and it’s something I’ve actually been quite insecure about. I found myself making small progress in the gym but not seeing any big changes. I massively struggled with eating. Only managing two meals a day and always skipping breakfast coz I was never hungry.

My goal was to put on size and gain more knowledge on how my body works personally with programmes and fitness. My biggest win is achieving that goal. I feel bigger, stronger, healthier and happier. I feel more confident about my body and my appetite has kicked in. I’m giving my body the fuel it needs and getting into a routine which is giving me more energy and results

I would recommend Tom to anyone looking to progress with their fitness lifestyle. We all struggle at times with planning, motivation and learning. Tom makes it so simple yet so effective! It’s been an exciting process from start to finish. He works with you, he works with you. No patronising or pressure just constant support, motivation and knowledge. I would recommend him to anyone. Whether you’re a personal trainer yourself or a total beginner. 10 out of 10

put your trust in me

If you put your trust in me, here’s my pledge to you: 

Nobody will give you as much support or energy.

Nobody will be more determined for you to succeed. 

Nobody will push you harder to be your best, and help you navigate through your roadblocks.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re striggling with cravigns or confidence, you can reach out to me at anytime and I will be there for you. 

What’s more, i’m like a driving instructor. Once i’ve taken you through this process, you’ll know exactly how to ‘drive’ your body into the best shape, for the rest of your life. You’ll never need a coach again. You will be able to take control of your body, mind and career forever!

take your performance to the next level

If someone says sing me a song. Take your top off, perform this number full out… are you ready for it?

Make no mistake once you find the balance and consistency – you will have those abs, you will feel amazing. you will be the go to person in your industry.

You will walk into auditions feeling and performing at your best with more confidence and charisma than ever before.

And once you do? The jobs. money and success will follow. Quite frankly, getting fit, strong and looking after yourself is the single most important thing you can do once you’ve mastered your craft.

committed to being the best

The techniques i’ll be sharing with you over the 12 weeks are among the most powerful and effective tools in the world. 1000’s of Performers have used them to get jobs they’ve dreamed of and take control of their life. I promise you, what you will learn on this programme will change the way you view your body, mind and career. 

But it’s not for everyone. 

You need to be willing to put the commitment in. You need to take your fitness seriously. You need to be disciplined with food. And you need to be willing to prioritise yourself so we can get you results. 

What you will learn can generate progress outside the realm of what most believe is possible, and I want to restrict thos who become clients to those who are 100% committed to doing whatever it takes.