I started working on my body, my energy and my confidence

Suddenly, I got the jobs I deserved, because I started LOOKING and FEELING my best.

Coached by an Actor Who Understands You

I was the skinny, sporty kid at school with forearms bigger than my biceps.

While I played football, I loved theatre, singing and dancing.

Yet it wasn’t socially acceptable. I didn’t fit the mould, and felt ashamed.

When I’d finally had enough of denying my true calling, I decided to attend Pendleton college. I was accepted into drama school at Arts Ed, and finally found my tribe.

Yet I was constantly overlooked for parts. I felt like I wasn’t good enough – particularly after so many auditions and rejections. I wanted to make my parents proud after all they’d invested in me, so I started paying attention to WHO was getting the parts, and what gave them an edge.

It became glaringly obvious that it was the skills, physique and the vitality they brought to the role. I started working on my body, my energy and my confidence.

Suddenly, I was accepted into the final rounds, because I started LOOKING and FEELING like a leading man. Before long, I was chosen as Kenickie in Grease, Stock Jock in Eugenius, and Fredrick in Pirates of Penzance. I was finally a working actor.

And then in 2020, largely because of my physique and energy, I landed the role of Gaston in Disney’s revival of Beauty & The Beast. Now I help other performers do the same — so they can operate and perform at the highest level. 

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